A few months ago we reported that Samsung had acquired Boxee. Boxee was an upstart company that offered an intuitive little box that could  record broadcasts and stream online video. Prior to being acquired by Samsung, Boxee had begun beta testing a cloud DVR service.

Samsung has just announced the release of the GX-SM530CF smart media player. The Samsung GX-SM530CF can be used as a replacement for your current cable box. You simply rent a cable card from your cable provider and you can kiss your old cable box goodbye. The one caveat is that the GX-SM530CF does not act as a DVR…yet. Samsung’s acquiring of Boxee could mean that they will offer a cloud DVR service at some point.

Nothing has been announced as of yet for a cloud DVR service, but what you do get with the smart media player is over 100 apps. Some of which include Hulu, Amazon Instant and Netflix. The box will also allow you to mirror the screen of a compatible mobile device. For instance, a YouTube Video playing on your phone can be shared and played on your TV. The Samsung  GX-SM530CF could be the beginning of the end for the cable box as we know it. It will also give cable companies one more thing to worry about.

The GX-SM530CF is expected to be available for purchase October 23rd at the price of $150.


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