Let’s face it, buying a 4K TV is almost like buying a new car without a steering wheel. It’s great to have a TV that can display the highest resolution image possible but if there’s no content available for it, what’s the point. Content for 4K-Ultra HD TVs has been difficult to find. Of course UHD TV manufacturers know that without compelling 4K content, getting consumers to jump on board will be difficult. Today Samsung, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox have announced a partnership that will provide UHD content for some 4K early adopters.


Samsung today lifted the curtain on their video pack, the $300 CY-SUC105H UHD, which will come pre-loaded with five 4K films. The video pack is essentially just a portable 1TB hard drive that can plug directly into a Samsung TV. The five movies that will come bundled with the drive are  “The Counselor”, “Night at the Museum,” “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “World War Z,” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” A few documentaries and short film clips will also tag along for the ride.


The movies are capable of being deleted from the hard drive and new content will be available to download by way of the multi-media panel on Samsung’s Smart TVs. Samsung says it intends to have at least 50 movies available to download by the end of this year. The CY-SUC105H is similar to Sony’s Ultra HD media player. However, being that Sony owns it’s own movie studio you could say they have a slight edge in providing 4K video content.

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