Roku has been the king of streaming devices. Despite heavy hitters like Amazon and Google offering substantial competition, Roku still manages to outsell both. Not one to rely on past success, Roku is releasing 5 new streaming devices that should be out in time for the holidays. Three of the models below support 4K video and employ a quad core processor which is the most powerful to date on any Roku device. Dolby Atmos is also supported by the 4K models as is 4K/60Hz video output. The HDR models support the HDR10 format which is backed by Sony and Samsung.


Roku Express & Express +

Roku Express Preview
The Roku Express is the least expensive of Roku’s quintet of streaming devices. The Express, when it goes on sale, will probably be the cheapest streaming device on the market as it’s expected to be cheaper than Google’s Chromecast. As far as features, the Roku Express will do everything that the current Roku streaming stick does and, unlike Chromecast, includes a remote.


For a little more flexibility (and a few more dollars), Roku offers the Express+ which includes analog audio/video cables. If you don’t have a newer TV with HDMI hookups, then this is the better option for you.


Roku Premiere & Premiere+

Roku Premiere Preview

The Roku Premiere gives you access to an impressive amount of 4K streaming services which also include Amazon, Vudu and Netflix. The Premiere also includes a feature called 4K Spotlight which gives you an easy way to search for 4K TV shows and movies. Like the Roku Express and Express+, the Premiere also includes a line-of-site IR remote.


If you can’t get enough 4K goodness, then the Premiere+ may be better suited for you. The Plus throws in support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) content. HDR video is said to have greater contrast and brighter colors than standard 1080p and 4K video. An ethernet port is available for wired connections and the remote works off of your WiFi network which means you can tuck the box away behind a cabinet if you choose.


Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra Preview
The Ultra is the king of the hill of Roku’s new line-up. It has all of the features of the Premiere and Premiere+ and then some. It has a few more connection options and the remote throws in voice search functions. The Ultra also includes gaming support and has a remote finder function.

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