Beginning in March, Polk will offer designer grills for their Omni S2 wireless speaker. The brightly colored grills will be available free to existing and future Omni S2 owners when they register through Polk’s website. Polk is planning on adding more designs each quarter for a price of $24.95. Polk has stated that the grills will allow users to customize their space with a look and style that fits their personality.

Polk Omni S2 Wireless Speaker











Priced at $179, the Polk Omni S2 speaker is part of Polk’s Omni wireless music system. The compact size of the S2 makes it easy to place in nearly any room. It ships with both a black and a white grill and can be placed either vertically or horizontally in the listening area. Polk’s companion app makes it relatively painless to setup and stream music from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

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