Pioneer’s Elite brand of receivers have rated among the best on the market the last few years. While they pack in tons of features, Pioneer’s Elite series is known for their sonic prowess. The Pioneer Elite SC-91 joins this years party and includes a couple of surprise extras.



The SC-91 uses Pioneer’s well-known class D3 amplification which is designed to deliver equal amount of power to each of it’s 7 channels. The Pioneer SC-91 is rated at about 130 watts per channel with 2 channels driven at 8 ohms with a distortion of .08%. Long story short, the SC-91 should have no problem pushing a good set of speakers in a large room.



Pioneer Elite SC-91 Rear

The SC-91 has a total of 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs. Last year, most AV receivers showed limited support for 4K video. This year, manufacturers like Pioneer are all in. All of the Pioneer Elite SC-91’s HDMI inputs are HDCP 2.2 compatible which means it’s well prepared for 4K video when it becomes more wide spread.


For wireless connectivity the 91 features built-in Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz WiFi as well as Bluetooth.The Pioneer SC-91 also includes vTuner® Internet Radio, Pandora®, and Spotify® as internet streaming options.


Audio Processing

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are expected with an amp of this caliber. However, in addition to these two, the SC-91 is also equipped to handle Dolby’s new Atmos format. Atmos is an object oriented sound format which creates “3D” audio thru the use of ceiling speakers or specially designed Atmos enabled speaker modules. Missing from the mix though is DTS:X. DTS:X is similar to Dolby Atmos however, it’s a bit of an unknown at this point. Only time will tell if this feature will be missed on the SC-91.


Pioneer’s receivers have always treated audiophiles well. The Pioneer SC-91, thanks to its ES9006S SABRE Premier Audio DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), can handle most hi-res audio files. From AIFF, Multi-channel WAV, FLAC, to Apple Lossless, the SC-91 can be your go-to receiver for high resolution audio files. Of course, the 91 easily handles compressed files such as MP3’s and WMA’s too.


Other highlights of the Pioneer Elite SC-91 are it’s multiple zone support, subwoofer EQ and home automation capabilities.


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