Pioneer recently announced 4 new av receiver models for 2013 including the Pioneer VSX-523 and VSX-823 5.1-channel receivers, the Pioneer VSX-1023 7.1-channel receiver, and the VSX-1123 7.2-channel receiver. These new entries in Pioneers line-up place a larger emphasis on smartphone and tablet support and the new line-up will also give users more control of their receiver thru the iOS and android apps. Interestingly some of these new models will also feature HDMI support for zone 2 operation.

MHL Support

A feature that was only previously available on Pioneers Elite models last year, this feature allows for playback of HD content from your compatible MHL device. HD video with multi-channel sound will be able to be played through the receivers.

HTC Connect

Through HTC connect, compatible HTC smartphones will be able to stream music content directly to the receiver wirelessly. Pioneer is the first av receiver manufacturer to receive the HTC connect certification.

HD Music playback

Pioneer’s VSX-823, VSX-1023 and VSX-1123 receivers support playback of high-resolution WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC files via a USB or a networked computer. These 3 receivers also are compatible with Apple Lossless and AIFF playback. In addition, the new receivers include Gapless playback for AIFF, Apple Lossless, WAV and FLAC files which offers improved listening experience by providing uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks.

HDMI Out Zone 2

The Pioneer VSX 1123 will come with 8 HDMI ports and also offer HDMI output for zone 2 operation.

Release Dates

Pioneer’s latest receivers will be available for purchase beginning in March at the following suggested retail prices…

Pioneer VSX 523: $279
Pioneer VSX 823: $429
Pioneer VSX 1023: $529
Pioneer VSX 1123: $629

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