Good: The Panasonic RP-HJ-E120 earphones sound pretty good for the price. They project a decent amount of bass and mid-range. Sound as good as a set of $20 earphones.



Bad: Low frequencies can get a little muddy on bass heavy tracks. The treble can sometimes sound harsh.



Summary: At $10 (or less) you’re not going to find a better sounding pair of ear buds.  They’re relatively comfortable and provide enough of a sound upgrade over the standard iPod earphones that they’re worth their meager price.



RP-HJE120 ErgoFit Earphone Review

The Panasonic RP-HJE120 Earphones are pretty inexpensive with an MSRP of only 10 bucks. However, don’t be surprised if you’re able to find them selling online for less. They come in several colors including black, white, blue, orange, pink, purple, red and green. Going into testing I didn’t have a lot of hope that these little phones were capable of producing credible sound. And considering that these ear buds only cost $10, you can’t expect an audiophile level experience.

Panasonic  RP-HJE120 Ear Buds Review


The RP-HJE120 ear buds are no-frills.  When you separate them from their packaging, the buds are small, lightweight and compact. The body of the earphones is comprised of a glossy plastic which seems relatively durable. However, if dropped repeatedly I wouldn’t be surprised their plastic encasement cracked under the pressure.


Included with the buds are three sizes of soft silicone ear pads. The medium-sized pads fit the best in my ears providing a snug and comfortable fit while maintaining a tight seal. Choosing the correct size of silicone ear pads is fairly important. Good bass response relies upon you getting a tight seal between your ear and the ear buds. If you use pads that are too small you’ll be disappointed with the results. The best advice I can give you is to try all three sizes on first before settling on one.


Plugging these into my iPod I sat down for a few hours of heavy listening. Right of the bat, these little buds produced better sound quality than I expected. The little earphones did a great job handling Maroon Five’s latest album. Adam Levine’s vocals sounded relatively crisp and airy. The Panasonics also showed that they could handle a decent amount of bass when I switched over to Jay-Z. I was impressed with how deep they could go, although they did struggle a bit with extreme low frequencies which resulted in the bass sometimes sounding a little muddy. Switching over to Jazz, the little buds produced a relatively clean sound although some higher frequencies did have a tendency to sound sharp. Taking the earphones to the gym, they maintained a tight seal inside my ear and I never had a problem with them falling out. The only gripe I have is that the cord is pretty thin and could be prone to tangling which is a minor inconvenience.



Usually available for under $10, the Panasonic RP-HJE120 ear buds are an excellent value. Lightweight with good sound quality these little buds are a great way to enjoy your tunes on the go. If you’re looking for earphones that are an improvement over your iPod’s ear buds, but won’t cost you a fortune, these Panasonic’s aren’t a bad place to start.

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