Panasonic’s announced that their current line of AX800 TV’s will now offer support for streaming Netflix 4K-Ultra HD video. Owners will be able to download the firmware upgrade when they connect their sets to the internet.


On top of this, Panasonic’s 65-inch class AX900 and 85-inch class AX850 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs which will be available this November, will also support Netflix’s 4K video straight out of the box. “Breaking Bad” and Netflix’s critically acclaimed series “House of Cards” will both be available for 4K Ultra HD streaming. Along with these, Netflix also has a new series “Marco Polo” that starts this December. It too will be offered in 4K.


One thing to keep in mind is that Netflix’s 4K streaming isn’t available under their regular $8.99 /month plan. Instead if you want to stream you 4K shows in all their glory be prepared to pony up $11.99 /month instead.


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