Outlaw Audio is a name rarely heard outside of home theater circles, however the direct to consumer company has slowly gathered a substantial following among consumers and professional reviewers alike. Based on feedback received from consumers, Outlaw Audio set out to improve upon the design of their flagship subwoofers, the LFM-1 EX and LFM-1 Plus,  by creating a new model that combined the best aspects of both. The result is the Outlaw Audio Ultra X-12.


The Ultra X-12 is slightly smaller than the LFM-1 EX and weighs about 14lbs less, but it has a frequency response of 17Hz.-180Hz. The 12 inch long throw driver is engineered to provide deep bass extension and it’s down firing configuration is designed to eliminate port noise. Like the LFM-1 EX, it also includes variable port tuning so that users can customize their listening experience.


Other notable improvements on the X-12 are it’s improved internal bracing and augmented electronic processing which helps it create a flatter frequency response than it’s predecessors.


The Ultra X-12 is available for ordering now on Outlaw Audio’s web site at a price of $639.

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