Vinyl records may be in the process of staging the greatest comeback in history. Left for dead several years ago, no one ever thought they could find a place in the same world where iPods rule. However, a sudden revival of the media has rekindled the flagging vinyl industry. Onkyo never gave up on vinyl records and, despite lagging sales, has managed to produce a steady stream of turntables the past few years. Onkyo’s newest turntable, the CP-1050, features a noise free direct-drive. This, combined with it’s die-cast aluminum platter and quartz lock control system, are designed to provide smooth clean performance when in use.


The Onkyo CP-1050 can play 33s, 45s and, with the use of an adapter, 7 inch records. The thick MDF body is supported by height-adjustable anti-vibration feet. The rear of the CP-1050 features two gold-plated phono outputs which can be connected to a preamp, stereo amplifier, or A/V receiver. The aluminum tonearm includes a detachable headshell that’s compatible with a variety of aftermarket cartridges.


It’s hard to say if the current popularity of vinyl records is just a fad or a trend. However, according to a report from billboard, the sudden resurgence of the plastic discs is being driven by individuals 35 and under. Many factors can be attributed to vinyl’s resurrection. Some argue that vinyl albums have a warmer sound than CD’s or MP3’s. Also, in a world where most of our music is stored in a cloud of ones and zeros, vinyl records offer a tangible object to hold on to. Either way you look at it, vinyl sales have increased steadily the past few years and demand is currently outstripping supply. If this trend continues, we may all find ourselves buying new turntables instead of iPods.

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