Pioneer VSX 70Pioneer has just announced 2 new elite model receivers for 2013, the Pioneer VSX 43 and the Pioneer VSX 70. The VSX 43 (a 7.1 Channel Receiver) and the VSX 70 (a 7.2 Channel Receiver) both will put a  focus on multi-zone/multi-source playback and 4K Ultra HD compatibility.

Multi-Zone Control

The Pioneer VSX 43 can be configured in a 7.1 arrangement or a 5.1 arrangement. The VSX 43 can also be setup to send a separate signal to speakers in a 2nd room (zone 2). For example this will allow you to watch a movie in your main zone and listen to music in a second zone (bedroom or patio). The Pioneer VSX 70 offers even more flexibility by allowing you actually power 3 zones, not just 2.

Smart Device Control Apps

Integration with smart devices is a major focus with Pioneer’s receivers this year. Armed with the ControlApp and iControlAV2013 App, Pioneer is hoping users will have an easier and more convenient method of controlling the various settings on their a/v receivers. The Pioneer VSX 43 is compatible with Pioneer’s ControlApp, which will allow you to control some of the main features of the VSX 43 such us inputs, audio modes, settings and streaming content. With the  iControlAV2013 App from Pioneer, they’re hoping that they can give users more flexibility and control. The iControlAV2013 is compatible with the Pioneer VSX 70 and will feature a new interface design that will supposedly be more user friendly. Both receivers will also support MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) connectivity. This feature will allow you to plug in your MHL equipped Android™ smartphone or tablet into the MHL compatible HDMI port on the front and playback the audio and/or video content on your phone in HD quality (including 3D). Both receivers will also support the new HTC Connect protocal.

Music to Your Ears and a Visual Delight for Your Eyes

Music enthusiast will be pleased see the wide variety of audio formats that the Pioneer VSX 43 and VSX 70 can support. Both of these receivers can playback WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC. The VSX 43 and the VSX 70 can also both playback AIFF and Apple Lossless files and both support  gapless playback of AIFF files. Of course, both of these receivers also support many of the popular music streaming services such as Pandora.

4K content is just around the corner and both the Pioneer VSX 43 and the VSX 70 support 4K Ultra HD pass through. The more powerful Pioneer VSX 70 offers 4K upscaling of video from analog and digital sources.

The MSRP of the Pioneer VSX 43 will be $525 and the MSRP of the Pioneer VSX 70 will be $750.

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