There are a lot of crappy Bluetooth speakers on the market. That’s the realization that Klipsch came to when they set out to design their latest Bluetooth speaker, the Groove.


Klipsch didn’t want to focus on “gimmicks” or extraneous extras that most people don’t use. Instead they focused their years of design expertise on making the best sounding small speaker they could. The end result was their latest Bluetooth speaker, the Groove.

Klipsch Groove Preview

The Groove has a 3″ high excursion full-range driver with dual side-firing passive radiators and advanced DSP equalization. The Groove measures a diminutive 4″ tall and only 2″ deep making it easy to transport nearly anywhere. To aid in it’s portability, the Groove is also water resistant making it the perfect radio for pool-side listening.


The Groove’s lithium-ion battery has an 8 hour battery life which means it should be able to pump out hours of tunes during most day trips. The Groove is also capable of remembering up to 8 Bluetooth devices and has 3.5 mm input on the back for a direct connection.


The Groove is currently available on Klipsch’s web site and at other retailers for a price of $149.

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