Integra DTR-30-5

Integra has just announced the release of the new DTR-30.5 a/v receiver. The DTR-30.5 receiver is expected to retail for about $1000 and includes the usual accoutrement of features of a receiver at this price point. The DTR-30.5 receiver will offer 7 channels of amplification, is rated at about 95 watts per channel and can accommodate 2 subwoofers. If you’re looking for a zone 2 capable receiver then you’ll be glad to hear that the Integra DTR-30.5 also offers powered zone 2 operation. Its 6 HDMI inputs are 3D capable and the Integra can also upscale to 1080p or 4K. In addition, the DTR-30.5 includes an MHL compliant HDMI port that allows for easy connection of a compatible mobile device or comcorder.

The rest of the features are pretty standard at this price point, mobile app for smart phones, a wide variety of internet radio stations and Airplay support. The two things that make the Integra stand out it is,  just like the Onkyo 626 and 727, the DTR-30.5 incorporates built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Few manufacturers have offered these features in the past and Integra is one of the first to offer this.

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