The Good: The Infinity One has excellent sound quality despite its diminutive size. It has good dynamic range and the flexibility to work as an external computer speaker or as a speaker phone thanks to its built-in microphone.


The Bad:  Mid-range could be a little more detailed. It does distort at high volumes.


Summary: The Infinity One is one of the best sounding bluetooth speakers available on the market. It’s rare combination of portability and sound quality makes it the total package. It’s a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.


Infinity One Bluetooth Speaker Review

Wireless speakers are all the rage now. In fact, it’s tough not to find a major manufacturer that’s not producing a wireless speaker. Infinity is the latest manufacturer to jump into the bluetooth speaker category with their Infinity One bluetooth speaker.


Infinity One Bluetooth Speaker

Appearance & Design

The Infinity One has a cylindrical shape with two aluminum caps on both ends. Cupped inside of the caps are two passive radiators which help improve bass response.  The body of the Infinity One is constructed of a ceramic-coated aluminum and has a matte black finish. The heavy-duty construction of the Infinity One makes it water-resistant so if a little water splashes on it, you have no worries.

Infinity One Bluetooth Speaker Review

The aluminum chassis of the One houses a total of (4) 1.75 inch active drivers with two drivers on the front and two on the back. Overall, it has a very solid feel to it and definitely doesn’t feel cheap. The only thing that might be an issue, is that it’s relatively easy to scuff up. We noticed even with careful handling we had a few scuff marks appear on its skin. However, all the marks went away with a gentle rubbing. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.


You may be tempted to set the Infinity One vertically, but don’t. Because of the passive radiators, you need to orient it horizontally otherwise you’ll be forced to deal with some pretty nasty distortion. The front of the One has an Infinity logo emblazoned on it which glows when it’s turned on. Twisting it around, you’ll see that both radiators have silver infinity logos embedded on them.


The top of the Infinity One has a simple array of control buttons for power, volume, play/pause and bluetooth. Powering the One you can either choose to plug it into an outlet or, for maximum portability, choose to run it from its built-in lithium-ion battery. Flip it around to the back and you’ll see 5 round led lights. These lights indicate how much juice the lithium battery still has left. Infinity claims that you can get about 10 hours of music enjoyment out of the One on a single charge. We were actually able to squeeze about 12 hours out of our demo model when listening to it at moderate volume levels.


Underneath the led indicators is a rubber flap which cleverly hides the power jack, USB inputs and a 3.5 mm jack. The USB inputs can also be used to charge your phone or other portable device if the need arises.



The instruction manual included with the One is pretty bad, so if you have any questions about how to set up the device, you probably won’t find any answers in the manual. The same can also be said about the web site which also offers very little information. Luckily, getting the Infinity One up and running is a simple task. Pairing it with a device is as simple as pressing the bluetooth button on the top of the unit and waiting for your bluetooth device to recognize the One.


The Infinity One also has a multitude of uses. Of course, most will use it for listening to music. However, the One also has a built-in microphone. Once you have it paired with your phone you can use it for hands-free phone conversations. With the 3.5 mm jack, you can use it as an external speaker for your laptop or desktop computer. You can also do this wirelessly if your computer is equipped with bluetooth.



The dual speaker array on both sides of the Infinity One means that you get relatively good sound quality no matter where you’re at in the room. Before conducting our review we broke-in the Infinity One for about 12 hours. Prior to this we thought the Infinity One sounded a little bright, but after the break-in period the sound really mellowed out.


We threw a variety of music at the Infinity One and came away pretty impressed with its overall sound quality. Bastille’s “Bad Blood” track sounded almost life-like on the Infinity One. On Hozier’s “From Eden” track, the One displayed excellent clarity and detail. Overall, the One showed good dynamic range on all the tunes we threw at. It’s ability to hold its own in the bass department was a little shocking considering its small size. The Infinity One managed to reproduce the deep bass in the intro of the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” which is our go to torture test for subwoofers.


On the negative side, we noticed that with some music the mid-range didn’t sound as detailed as we would have liked which resulted in some tracks sounding a little muddy. Also, when really cranked to it’s fullest, the Infinity One did start to distort which isn’t surprising considering it’s size.



Overall, we have to say we were impressed with the Infinity One. It’s easy to use and has great sonic prowess. Most bluetooth speakers sacrifice sound quality for portability, however manufacturers are starting to see the light. The Infinity One bluetooth speaker strikes a balance between audio quality and portability that few competing bluetooth speakers can match. This does come at a price. At an MSRP of $299 it’s not cheap, but considering its great sound, flexibility and portability it may be worth it.

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