First 3D Printed Loud Speaker

The things that people are making with 3D printers are multiplying each and every day. From prosthetics, to guns, to art and even terminators (well maybe not terminators yet) it seems that daily we’re seeing something new being  created with 3D printing technology. Well a group of students from Cornell University have done the unthinkable, they’ve made a loudspeaker using a 3D printer.

According to, the speaker was designed and printed by Apoorva Kiran and Robert Maccurdy, graduate students in mechanical engineering, who are working with Hod Lipson, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. The speaker consists of a plastic housing, conductive coil and a magnet. The coil is created from a silver ink extrusion and the magnet was made from a high viscosity blend of strontium ferrite. Both components were created using specialized 3D printers.

Hod Lipson believes what we’re seeing today with 3D printers is just the beginning. Current 3D printers are specialized to work with specific materials. Lispon thinks that in the near future one 3d printing machine will be able to use multiple types of materials simultaneously which will open the door for many different types of applications.

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