Hisense is one of the biggest TV manufacturers in China and they’re slowing making headway in the United States. Their latest TV to land stateside is a 100-inch behemoth that commands a hefty $9,999 price tag, but it’s not your typical TV.


The 100-inch Laser 4K TV is actually a short throw projector that displays its image on an ultra thin screen. The projector, which uses a Texas Instruments 4K DLP chip, is said to have a brightness of 3,000 lumens. According to Hisense, the TV is capable of displaying a bright image in any room, not just light controlled home theaters. The light source is said to have a 20,000 hour shelf life so it should last through years of TV watching.

Hisense 100-inch Laser TV

To handle audio duties, the TV comes with a 110 watt 2.1 Harman Kardon audio system built-in to the projector. Dual tweeters and two midrange drivers are responsible for most of the audio duties. To help improve bass response, the TV also comes with a separate 60 watt 8-inch subwoofer.


The projector only includes 2 HDMI inputs which may limit your connection options. However, the TV does have a built-in TV tuner for over-the-air content and it also includes Hisense’s smart TV interface which gives you access to many of the top video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Video.


The TV is expected to ship the end of November. More information can be found on Hisense’s website.

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