There’s been a shift in the hi-fi market the past decade or so. Thanks to the recent crop of direct to consumer speaker manufacturers high-end audio has never become more affordable. Canadian manufacturer Fluance has made a name for itself by making exceptional sounding affordable speakers. Their new Signature line looks to change the perception of what high-end audio can be and how much it should cost.


Each speaker in their new flagship Signature line is constructed of audio-grade acoustically inert wood. Two finish options are available, black ash and natural walnut. Ultra high-end Neodymium tweeters are used to produce high frequencies on all speakers in the series.


Fluance Signature Floorstanding & Center Channel Speakers

Fluance Floorstanding Speakers

Signature Floorstanding Speakers: $700/pair

The 3-way Floorstanding speakers feature a 1.4-inch thick front baffle with chamfered edges designed to reduce sound diffraction. Each floorstanding speaker is imbued with dual long throw 8-inch woofers which Fluance claims will dig down to about 35Hz. The floorstanders and center channel both include 5-inch rigid glass fiber drivers with a unique pointed dome anchored in the center. The glass drivers combined with the Neodymium tweeters work in concert to provide a wide sound stage with clarity and detail. Ideal characteristics for both home theater and music.


Fluance Signature Center ChannelSignature Center Channel: $150


Signature BiPolar Surround and Bookshelf Speakers

Fluance Bookshelf & BiPolar Speakers

Signature Bookshelves: $200/pair  |  Signature BiPolar Speakers: $250/pair

The Signature Bookshelves and BiPolar Surrounds, like the Center and Floorstanders, feature 5-inch rigid glass drivers to handle mid-range frequencies. The Bookshelves feature a 2-way bass reflex configuration. They’re designed to be used as rear speakers in surround setups, but Fluance claims that they’re also powerful and dynamic enough to be used up front as mains.


The BiPolar’s use a bi-directional configuration and are specifically designed for use as rear surrounds because of their wide sound dispersion capabilities.


The Signature line is currently available for purchase on Fluance’s web site and Amazon. Each speaker comes with a 30-day in-home trial and a  lifetime parts and labor manufacturer’s direct warranty.

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