Some names are synonymous with music. Fender is one of them.  The Fender moniker has been plastered on guitars and amps for decades and has been a favorite of both musicians and audiophiles. Fender is now expanding their reach by offering a new range of high-end ear headphones. The new earphones will range in price from $100 – $500.


“The launch of the Fender In-Ear Monitor Series is an exciting step in the expansion of our product offering,” said Jim Ninesling, VP of Fender Amplifiers and Pro Audio.” “Fender is committed to delivering innovative products and services that accompany players at every stage of their musical experience. We believe serious players and discriminating audiophiles alike will appreciate both the design and performance of Fender IEM’s, setting the stage for further additions to this new line in the future.”

Fender In-Ear Monitors

Fender’s new phones are designed and assembled in Nashville. The higher-end models in the line-up feature 3D-printed Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT) bodies which uses scans of thousands of ears to create a shape that Fender claims will be a fit for 95% of ears. The end result is that they will feel like a custom molded ear piece.


The entry-level DXA1 ($100) features a 8.5mm titanium micro driver and has a frequency response of 14Hz-22kHz. Unlike its more expensive counterparts it lacks the DHT housing. The DXA1’s will be available in a translucent gray finish. The FXA2 ($200), ups the ante a little by including a 9.25 mm rare earth driver and a DHT housing. It has a frequency response of 6Hz-23Hz.


A little further up the ladder sits the FXA5 ($300) and FXA6 ($400). Both feature rare earth drivers and a DHT housing however, the FXA6 also features a single balanced armature driver and has a frequency response of 6Hz to 22kHz.


The top-of-the-line FXA7 ($500) features a Hybrid-Dynamic tuned Balanced Armature Array. A 9.2mm precision rare-earth driver and Groove-tuned port to help the FXA7 achieve a 6Hz-24kHz frequency response. The FXA7’s also include the DHT housing.


All 5 phones are expected to be available in March. For more information, you can check out Fenders web site.


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