True to their word, DTS has released more details regarding their latest format, DTS:X. Based on the released information, the new format will not rely upon the use of “channels” like older formats. Instead, DTS:X will utilize an “object” based sound system similar to Dolby Atmos. This means that sound engineers can take discrete sounds and place them at specific locations in space creating a “3D like” experience.


According to DTS, their new format does not require additional equipment or rely upon a specific number of speakers or speaker placement. This part is still a little hazy though. Like Atmos we would have to assume that DTS:X would require specialized speakers to produce overhead effects. DTS also states that “X” will support up to 32 speaker locations and up to 11.2 speaker output channels.


DTS:X will be backward compatible with existing DTS bitstreams and speaker layouts. Since audio tracks in the new format will each be treated as separate “objects”, users with AVR equipment will have the ability to isolate and adjust specific audio elements. A good example of this would be to isolate dialogue from background noise and adjust or “lift” it so that it’s easier to hear. Of course, for this feature to work the sound engineers would need to implement this feature during the original sound mixing.


An interesting feature of DTS:X, is that sound engineers will be able to mix their sound tracks once and have them ready to use across a broad range of media such as cinema’s, home theaters, streaming and more. Whereas Dolby Atmos requires engineers to create separate mixes for each. The end result could be that DTS:X will be less expensive for consumers when implemented.


DTS:X will begin rolling out to a few select movie theaters during the Spring 2015 which include:


  • Carmike 15 (Columbus, Ga.)
  • Carmike Movies ATL 278 (Atlanta, Ga.)
  • Chapel Hills 13 (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
  • Rosemont 18 (Rosemont, Ill.)
  • Thoroughbred 20 (Franklin, Tenn.)
  • Thousand Oaks 14 (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
  • Valley Bend 18 (Huntsville, Ala.)



DTS also states that it has 90% of the AV and surround processor manufacturers on board. New products that offer DTS:X support will begin rolling out this summer. Some existing products will be able to support “X” with a firmware update. A partial list of products which will support DTS:X are:


  • Denon – AVR-X7200W available now / DTS:X firmware upgrade later in 2015
  • Integra – launching several models by Fall 2015
  • Marantz – AV8802 available now / DTS:X firmware upgrade later in 2015
  • Onkyo – launching several models by Fall 2015
  • Outlaw Audio – details to follow
  • Pioneer – details to follow
  • Steinway Lyngdorf – P200 Surround Sound Processor available Summer 2015 / DTS:X firmware upgrade in Fall 2015
  • Theta Digital – Casablanca IVa available Summer 2015
  • Trinnov Audio – Altitude32 available now / DTS:X firmware upgrade Summer 2015
  • Yamaha – launching DTS:X ready models in Fall 2015



Stay tuned as we’re very curious to hear what the final implementation of DTS:X sounds like when it comes home. As soon as we’re able to wrap our ears around some DTS:X source material we’ll be sure to post our thoughts.


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