Denon DHT-S514 Sound Bar

Let’s face it, the speakers in today’s TVs are horrible (to put it mildly). Modern TVs continue to dazzle us with their ever improving image quality. However, as TVs have continued to slim down so have the speakers within resulting in poor and anemic sound quality. Sound bars are becoming more and more popular among users who are aching for an improved auditory experience. Denon is one of the latest manufacturers to embrace this burgeoning market with the release of the Denon DHT-S514 sound bar.

Denon, who is well respected in the audio and video industry, considers the DHT-S514 a “hi-fi solution” to anyone looking to improve their sonic experience. The  DHT-S514 boasts 175 watts of power and incorporates a duet of 5″ precision drivers that are dedicated to producing mid-range frequencies and upper bass. Two 1/2″ tweeters are responsible for the upper frequencies. The diminutive subwoofer which can be placed horizontally or vertically contains two 5 1/4″ woofers. The bluetooth enabled sound bar also includes an (ARC enabled) HDMI input, 1 coaxial and 1 optical.

It’s nice to see some of the bigger players in the audio and video industry jumping in. Truth be-told the industry has been flooded with sub-par sounding speaker bars. The added competition from a few heavy hitters will only serve to improve this fast growing segment of the market. The Denon DHT-S514 with a MSRP of $599 should start showing up on store shelves December 2013.

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