Denon is one of the first AV manufacturers to unveil their new wares for 2017 with three new entries in their “S” line-up. The three new amps are the Denon AVR-S530BT, S730H and the S930H.


Denon AVR-S530BT

Denon AVR-S530BT Preview

The 5.2 channel Denon AVR-S530BT is this year’s entry-level unit, but don’t let the term “entry-level” fool you. Overall, this amp appears to be pretty well stocked. In total the S530BT has (5) 4K ready HDMI inputs that support HDCP 2.2, HDR, BT.2020 and 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling.


The 530BT doesn’t include WiFi, but it does have Bluetooth so you can stream audio wirelessly from a variety of portable devices.  The 530BT is also compatible with the HEOS Link, so if you have HEOS multi-room products in your home, the 530 should fit right in with your existing ecosystem.  To accommodate wired connections, the Denon AVR-S530BT has a conveniently located front USB input and it supports a variety audio formats including MP3, WMA, FLAC and MPEG-4/AAC.


Denon AVR-S730H

Denon AVR-S730H Preview

Next in line is the Denon AVR-S730H. The 730H ups the number of channels to 7.2 and according to Denon, has a generous maximum power output of 165 watts per channel. The 730 puts the two extra channels to good use as it’s able to decode both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats. These two formats allow for the use of ceiling speakers or specially designed elevation speakers. The audio produced by these two formats provides a “3D-like” listening experience.


The S730H also has a few more notable upgrades over its smaller sibling. It has a total of 6 HDMI inputs which are 4K compatible. The receiver supports all sorts of 4K goodies such as HDCP 2.2, HDR, BT.2020, and 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling. With an eye towards the future, the amp is also Dolby Vision and HLG ready.


On the music front, the Denon AVR-S730H has WiFi and Bluetooth. AirPlay is also supported by the amp. HEOS is built into the 730H which means its ready to join your HEOS ecosystem right out of the box.  Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Internet radio, Amazon Prime Music, iHeart Radio, Sirius XM, Sound Cloud, Tidal, Rhapsody and Deezer are some of the streaming music options available via the HEOS app. Like the 530BT, the 730H has a front USB port which allows you to hook-up a USB drive or portable music device.


Denon AVR-S930H

Denon AVR-S930H Preview

The 930H sits at the top of the heap for this group of AVs.  It takes the features of the 730H and simply adds-on to them. The 7.2 channel 930 has more power than the 730H with a maximum output of 185 watts per channel. With 7 channels, the amp is also capable of decoding both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.


The 930H has (8) 4K ready HDMI inputs. When it comes to UHD video, the Denon AVR-S930H has the same capabilities as the 730, plus it can also upscale low resolution video to 4K. A second HDMI output also lets you enjoy AV sources in a another room.


Just like the 730H, the Denon AVR-S930H has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. HEOS comes pre-installed on the amp, so you also get access to its slew of online music streaming services.


All three receivers are expected to be available in April. The 530BT will have an MSRP of $279, the 730H $479 and the 930H $579.

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