Yamaha NS-SW1000 Subwoofer

Yamaha Unleashes a 1000 Watt Beast

Yamaha recently announced the release of their new flagship 1000 watt NS-SW1000 subwoofer. This beast of a subwoofer tips the scales at nearly one hundred pounds and according to Yamaha, the SW1000 is capable o... Read More...
Bose Soundlink Color Review

Bose SoundLink Color Review

THE GOOD: The Bose SoundLink Color is small, compact and has enough power to fill a small or medium size room with sound. THE BAD: If you need speakerphone capabilities, then you'll be out of luck ... Read More...
SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers Review

SVS Prime Bookshelf Speaker Review

The Good:The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are affordable with excellent treble, good mid-range and surprising bass. The Bad: If the SVS Primes have one weakness it could be the mid-range. While it'... Read More...

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