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Sound United

Marantz and Denon Under New Ownership

Two of the biggest players in audio, Denon and Marantz, have now joined Sound United to become one of the  biggest audio conglomerates in the industry. Sound United is the parent company to Polk Audio and Defin... Read More...

Caavo – One Box to Rule Them All

Years ago your TV only had a couple things connected to it. A cable box, DVD player or (Gasp!) a VCR were among the most common electronic devices you'd find tethered to a TV set. Now that number has multiplied... Read More...
Sonos Playbase Preview

Sonos Playbase Leaks Online

Internet leaks are nothing new so its not too surprising when a technology company has one of their newest products leak online before an official announcement is made. This is the case with Sonos. For a brief ... Read More...

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