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Optical Disc

Sony Working On Blu-Ray Successor

Sony and Panasonic have announced that they have signed a basic agreement to jointly work on a next generation optical disc format. Their goal is to have a disc format capable of holding 300GB of data by 2015. ... Read More...
No Signal

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Cable!

Well, if you're a Time Warner customer in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Denver or Pittsburgh you have mostly likely gotten screwed by both Time Warner Cable and CBS. While these two m... Read More...
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CBS Dumped by Time Warner

As of 2:15 Pacific time on Friday Aug. 2nd CBS viewers in New York and Los Angeles were greeted with this message from Time Warner Cable stating  that CBS was, "demanding an outrageous increase" in fees carryin... Read More...

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