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First 3d Printed Speaker

Holy Frak… A 3D Printed Speaker

The things that people are making with 3D printers are multiplying each and every day. From prosthetics, to guns, to art and even terminators (well maybe not terminators yet) it seems that daily we're seein... Read More...
Google Chromecast

New Apps for Chromecast

After a slow start, Google's Chromecast is starting to create a formidable line-up of apps. After starting with a bare bones line-up which consisted of Hulu Plus, Youtube, HBO Go and Netflix, Google is anno... Read More...
Comcast Seeit

Comcast and Twitter Team Up

Comcast recently announced a partnership with Twitter that may revolutionize the way we interact with our beloved TV shows.  Comcast just released a new feature which they're calling SEEiT. When Comcast Xfi... Read More...

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