Pioneer AV Receivers

Pioneer VSX-531 Review

Pioneer VSX-531 Review

The majority of AV receivers on the market include a laundry list of features. From 4K video, to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, modern amps can come packed to the gills with all sorts of gadgetry. With this in mind, no... Read More...
Pioneer SC-LX901 Preview

Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 Preview

The Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 sets at the top of Pioneer's AV line-up. Take a quick peek at its stats and you'll see why. This jumbo sized receiver can amplify 11.2 channels and push about 140 watts (8 ohms with 2... Read More...
Pioneer VSX-1131 Review

Pioneer VSX-1131 Review

When Onkyo absorbed Pioneer's AV department many worried that Pioneer's amps would lose their characteristic sound. Thus far, I don't believe that's been the case. This year's VSX-1131 proves that Pioneer amps ... Read More...
Pioneer VSX-831 Connections

Pioneer VSX-831 Review

The 5.2 channel Pioneer VSX-831 has a wealth of features. With 4K video on the cusp of taking off, the 831 offers substantial support for the blossoming new format. With Pioneer AV equipment now under the contr... Read More...

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