THE GOOD: The Bose SoundLink Color is small, compact and has enough power to fill a small or medium size room with sound.


THE BAD: If you need speakerphone capabilities, then you’ll be out of luck with the SoundLink Color.


SUMMARY: The Bose SoundLink Color will surprise you when you first turn it on. Its smooth mid-range and punchy bass output contrasts greatly with its small size. For just over $100, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bluetooth speaker that sounds better.



Bose Soundlink Color Review

If I told you Bose has a portable bluetooth speaker that comes in a variety of cool hip colors, you’d probably think I was a little crazy. However, that’s exactly what Bose has done with its SoundLink Color. With this new bluetooth speaker, Bose has cast off the yoke of its conservative pedigree and embraced a medley of vivid colors. For those of you with more traditional tastes, the SoundLink Color is available in white and black, but if you’re more adventurous you can opt for blue, red or mint.


The SoundLink Color, which retails for $129, is small measuring only 5″ x 5″ x 2″. Weighing a tad over a pound, the Color is designed with easy portability in mind however, the one thing you won’t find packaged with the speaker is a carrying case. Bose does offer a case that you can purchase separately, but it will set you back an additional 25 bucks.


The Bose SoundLink Color’s frame is comprised almost entirely of plastic. While its build quality doesn’t exactly scream high-end, its plastic body does seem relatively strong and sturdy. The top and bottom are comprised of a rubberized plastic with two rubberized bumpers running up the sides. One thing I noticed right away is that the side bumpers do make the Color easy to grip.


Overall, the SoundLink Color won’t win any design awards. Despite its vivid color options, the Color’s overall appearance comes across a little bland. Truth be told, this fits in with the rest of the speakers in Bose’s line-up. Personally, I’ve always found Bose’s designs to be rather conservative and the SoundLink Color fits this mold.



Bose Soundlink Color Controls

The Color’s sole purpose is music playback. As such, you won’t find any speakerphone capabilities. The top of the SoundLink Color has a series of six buttons: Power, Bluetooth Pairing, Auxiliary Input, Play/Pause, and Volume Up/Down. Thanks to its voice prompts, pairing bluetooth devices with the Color is quick and easy. It can remember up to 8 bluetooth devices however, it will only stream music from one device at a time. Flipping the SoundLink Color around you’ll see a micro USB charging port and a 3.5 mm Aux. input. Bose claims that the Color has an 8 hour battery life. I was able to eek out a little more than 8 on my demo unit although battery life will depend greatly on how loud you like your music.



Sound wise, the Bose SoundLink Color is an impressive little box. Somehow the Color’s able to overcome its small frame and is able to kick out room filling sound with a good amount of bass. Once you hear it, it’s pretty easy to justify its $100+ price tag.


Lorde’s “Glory and Gore” track had a robust openness to it with the SoundLink Color creating a full and rich sound stage. Even when cranking the volume to its limit the Color managed to hang on for dear life and never completely cracked under the strain. It was only at these levels that I heard just a tiny bit of distortion in its performance which isn’t too shabby.


If you’re reading this you may be thinking that Bose is trying to emulate Beats by over emphasizing bass. This isn’t the case. The bass while surprisingly good for a speaker this size is only part of the story. The Color also displays good treble and mid-range performance.


Of course the little speaker isn’t perfect. Although it’s capable of getting loud, you won’t get a lot of stereo separation which isn’t surprising with a speaker this size. Also, when I decided to test it out with a few classical music arrangements it struggled to keep up with complicated instrumental performances. As a result, some instruments lost their distinctive characteristics.



Despite its small size it provides adequate amounts of bass response and has good detail in the upper and mid frequencies.  If you’re planning on planting the Bose SoundLink Color in a small or medium size room you’ll probably like what you hear. It may not have speakerphone capabilities or be as rugged as some of its competition, but in its price range you’ll be hard pressed to find a wireless speaker that sounds better.


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