Atlantic Technology has announced the release of their new Dolby Atmos Speakers Modules, the 44-DA. For those of you not familiar with Dolby Atmos, it’s a new surround format that allows for sound engineers/mixers to orient sounds in a 3 Dimensional space. This is usually accomplished by the use of additional sound channels placed around and above the listening area.

Atlantic 44-da

Ideally, in a true Atmos enabled home theater you would use ceiling speakers in order to accurately replicate these additional channels. However, most home theater enthusiast may find it difficult to incorporate the needed ceiling channels. Atlantic Technology’s Atmos Speaker Modules are designed to address this issue.


Atlantic Technology’s 44-DA modules incorporate a 5 ¼” woofer and 1″ silk dome tweeter in a concentric driver array (CDA). The speaker fires at a specifically calculated upward angle that “bounces” the sound off of the ceiling and down into your listening area simulating ceiling channels.


The 44-DA are designed to fit on top of Atlantic’s THX-certified 4400 LR speakers. However, don’t cry just yet. Atlantic has also stated that these can be used in conjunction with other speaker brands not just Atlantic’s. So if you have an old set of Polk’s or Klipsch’s and you want to enjoy 3D Dolby Atmos sound, then slap a set of these on top of your existing speakers and you’re good to go.


Atlantic has stated that the MSRP of these speakers will be $499/pair and they’re expected to be released towards the end of this year.



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