According to Bloomberg, Apple may be releasing a new Apple TV as early as this April. Apple is believed to have been in talks with Time Warner Cable to bring live channels and on-demand services to Apple TV since the middle of last year. Time Warner’s app is already available on Roku, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and some Android Tablets. Considering that the Apple TV is long over due for an update, an agreement between the two giants would prove mutually beneficial.


Apple has also reportedly been in talks with Comcast and DirecTV however, Apple has yet to reach an agreement with either TV provider. The updated Apple TV will reportedly have an updated processor and an improved navigation system that will make it easier for users to find tv shows, movies etc. Television Networks have resisted dealing directly with companies like Apple out of fear it would damage the business of cable and satellite TV providers. However, if companies like Apple are able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with cable and satellite providers it could create another avenue for Hollywood to reach hungry consumers.

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