If the news coming Bloomberg is accurate, the successor to Amazon’s Echo will be more than just a speaker. It’s believed that Amazon may abandon the cylindrical shape of current models and will instead incorporate a 7-inch touch screen. The new device will use an adapted version of the FireOS which is employed on Amazon’s tablets and Fire TV equipment. The touch screen will have the ability to be tilted so that it can be easily viewed on a table or kitchen counter top.


The new touch screen enabled device is expected to be bigger and have better audio acumen than either the Echo, Dot or Tap making it better suited for music listening. Of course, the main selling point of all of these devices is the Alexa voice assistant and it’s believed that Alexa will still remain a prime focus on the new device. The touch screen is said to simply add an additional avenue for users to access items such as news, weather and calendar appointments.


It’s not surprising that Amazon is working on an upgraded version of its voice activated speakers. Google recently launched their version of the Echo called Google Home and Apple’s believed to be working on their on own device using their virtual assistant Siri.


Little is known about the pricing of Amazon’s mysterious gadget except that it’s expected to cost more than Amazon’s current line-up of Alexa powered speakers. Surprisingly, it may be up for sale sooner than expected. Its rumored to be available for purchase early 2017.

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