Best 7 Channel AV Receivers

The Best 7 Channel AV Receivers

In the hunt for a new home cinema amp? Then check out this list of the best 7 channel av receivers that we've tested. From Dolby Atmos to 4K readiness, these home theater receivers have it all. Check back often... Read More...

Top 5 AV Receivers Under $300

If you're just beginning to delve into the world of home theater, it can be a daunting and expensive task. However, with today's technology, you don't have to spend a fortune on equipment in order to get good s... Read More...
Best Five Channel AV Receiver

The Best 5 Channel AV Receivers

The home theater market has been flooded with 7 channel receivers the past several years. However, you can still find some very good 5 channel amps. This is a list of our recent favorites.  Yamaha RX-... Read More...

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Bose Solo Sound System

REVIEW | Bose Solo TV Sound System

   You could consider the Bose Solo TV Sound System a good first step into the world of home theater. Bose's systems have a reputation for creating clear precise sound however, the one flaw I've always found with their systems is a l... Read More...
Fluance AB40 Sound Stand Preview

Fluance Unleashes Their AB40 Sound Base

Sound bases have never enjoyed the same popularity as their sound bar cousins, however sound bases have one distinct advantage. Because their cabinets are typically larger they're capable of producing greater amounts of bass than their slender relatives. As a ... Read More...

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